Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides you with higher ranking in the search results that are output from search engines.

One of the most important and essential steps during the optimization process is ensuring compliance with the Internet's HTML standards. The next important step is to choose the correct search terms: a great help in the search are the MetaGer Web-Association and Google's Keyword tools.

A website is usually optimized for one or two search terms. Larger websites can also be divided into several individual sites, which are then individually optimized with corresponding search terms, for example through using landing pages. SEO that is performed directly on the content of the website is called "On-Page Optimization."

It is very important that the website can be analyzed by as many online tools as possible. Drupal is a very search machine friendly system by default and after installing a few additional modules it becomes the perfect system for Search Machine Optimization.

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