Drupal – Services

We offer development, theming, training for Drupal and assistance of your existing Drupal installation.

Drupal Theming

Theming refers to the front-end adaptation of Drupal. This means that we align the Drupal user interface to your desired design. You may provide us with your designs in Photoshop, Fireworks or PDF document format. Our designers will also be happy to create your website. We can advise you or your designer if you are setting up a Drupal site for the first time.

Drupal Development

Because Drupal is conceived as a framework rather than a CMS system, it can be used to implement virtually any kind of project or undertaking. Possible options include company presentations, company intranets, web blogs, shop systems, web portals, web communities, news portals, online magazines, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online learning and much more besides.

We will develop the right system for you precisely in accordance with your own ideas and requirements. Our services also include the installation and configuration of modules (Drupal extensions), the development of so-called features (interaction between several modules) and the creation of proprietary modules.

Drupal Trainings

We show you or your staff how Drupal works and how simple editing can be. You will see that the amount of work demanded by Drupal is significantly lower than is the case with other CRM systems. The learning curve is extremely shallow, and you will soon discover just how much fun is to be had by working with Drupal. One of the major strengths of Drupal is its ability to enhance work processes. You can operate even more efficiently by reducing tasks to a few simple procedures.

Drupal Assistance & Help

Do you have an agency that wishes to offer Drupal? We can bring your staff up to speed. Or perhaps you have a project that has hit the buffers? We will be happy to assist you on request. We can also manage your Internet site for you once it has been set up. We will take care of updating Drupal and the modules, carry out security updates and perform regular back-up’s. We offer flexible payment plans for our management services and charge on a monthly or annual basis depending on expenditure incurred.

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